Branding for a vegan business

I’ve been on a bit of a journey recently with the branding of my social media business and I’ve had to ask myself some fundamental questions concerning its goals and what it represents.

One of the first things I had to do was decide upon a name. My business aims to support vegan, ecological, ethical and organic businesses so the name needed to exemplify these values.

The things these values all have in common is the idea of protecting the planet by making thoughtful choices. The name also needed to express the digital nature of the business.

I started brainstorming various names linked with nature: Tree, Branch, Roots, Earth, Plant. Eventually, I stumbled upon ‘Sphere’ and felt that this would symbolise the planet but also echo the many spherical shapes and cyclical patterns in the natural world. It also felt like it was slightly abstract in order to represent the digital nature of the business.

I now required a logo. I spoke to Suzanne Zilka at Exemus Graphics. After explaining my brand values and type of business, Suzanne worked her magic and produced a number of designs.

There was a lot of variety amongst them but one immediately stood out. She’d designed a dandelion which is a perfect analogy for how the business works. She’d used warm green colours and when I showed it to friends, they immediately made the connection between the business being digital underpinned with an emphasis on the environment. I felt that the logo did an accurate job of explaining my brand. I hope that you agree.

Do you have any processes that you found useful when designing your brand identity?

Treatment 1

Treatment 2 - Icon
Treatment 3 - Landscape
Treatment 4: Icon with text

Do you have any processes that you found useful when designing your brand?

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