The Vegan Marketing Podcast Epsiode 1: Laura Chepner

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I’m so pleased to announce our podcast which has been launched to support vegan businesses with marketing tips and tricks from fellow vegan business owners.

We're starting off with a bang as our first guest is the very inspirational Laura Chepner who has been a trailblazer in changing the way our educators view veganism and is campaigning to get guidance included in the law to get vegan school meals added to the menu.

She's launched a petition Plant-Based options in every school and is speaking at the All Part Parliamentary group for School Meals on the 21st

Your support to sign and share the petition would be much appreciated.

If we can get to 10k signatures, it will show the support that this initiative has.

We talk about her journey from teacher to campaigner and what triggered her campaign to get plantbased option added to the menu, the she shares some tips on how to connect with your audience and how to persevere and remain resilient.

Laura's also written a book called Veducated: An educator's guide for vegan inclusive teaching

It was the vegan MP Kerry McCarthy who advised her to take this step get involved in the All Party Parliamentary Group for school food.

Laura's top tips are to surround yourself with inspirational people who motivate you and uplift you. She's also an advocate for continual learning. She listens to Melanie Joy, Gary Yourofsky and Michael Klaper and learning about Ethical Veganism.

To find out more about Laura, please visit her instagram and give her a follow: @primary_veducation

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